Author, Angi Perretti, on a mission to inspire the cultural history of the City Beautiful, and as an instrumental participant to join others in promoting Orlando to a world-class arts community, Angi makes an individual cultural contribution to the community she endears by creating
this laughter-inspiring, skyscape-hopping cartoon character…“AngiArts.”

The Origin Story of The Identity of “AngiArts”

By Angi Perretti

Once upon a time…around the year 1 AD…a little princess of royalty lived an idyllic childhood inside The Great Clay Castle Kingdom.  Every day she diligently sought the identity of her soul.  And it came to pass one day that all her dreams come true.  She was granted superpowers from the art gods and traveled through time warps and galaxies with her magic pet swan.  They landed with elegance and beauty upon a tranquil, crystal pond in the third millennium AD.  

On this landing spot the magic spell ended and her magic pet swan vesture was transformed back into an elegant Black-Necked Swan to ensure the princess’s unending happiness.  Hence, the angel of her soul was released, and the princess discovered her true identity.  From that day forward and to fulfill the missions of her destiny, she became immortal to instill artistic inspiration into the hearts of all peoples…of all cultures…in the third millennium and beyond