Published March, 2014.

Second Edition Published

June, 2016

Author, Angi Perretti, on a mission to inspire the cultural history of the City Beautiful, and as an instrumental participant to join others in promoting Orlando to a world-class arts community, Angi makes an individual cultural contribution to the community she endears by creating
this laughter-inspiring, skyscape-hopping cartoon character…“AngiArts.”

Published September, 2012.

7th Edition

                                                             Historical Events & Appearances

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This is Orlando’s first-ever cartoon character for the arts portraying the identity transformation

of a 21st century American icon of the Third Millennium AD.

You are invited to be on the lookout for “AngiArts” appearances around town.

Incidentally, YOU could be hand-picked by the art gods to ponder an artistic moment

of wonder and diversion.