Princess Angilika

Believing feverishly that her soul’s identity was subliminal to her human identity, she resolved herself to always seek truth and purpose in her life and to live her true identity all the days of her life.

Author, Angi Perretti, on a mission to inspire the cultural history of the City Beautiful, and as an instrumental participant to join others in promoting Orlando to a world-class arts community, Angi makes an individual cultural contribution to the community she endears by creating
this laughter-inspiring, skyscape-hopping cartoon character…“AngiArts.”

The Lonely Witch of Darkness

Captures Marko and deliberately detains him for years from his journey to discover the genie lantern. Her witch’s brew intoxicated Marko into a wild storytelling frenzy that included crazy magic tricks. 

Angel of the Eastern Star

The voice of her dreams.  She appears to Angilika through the Phantom’s Magic Mirror.  The angel of her soul promises the answers to her many questions and is the compass to her destiny.

King Melchior

This king was highly favored by God, and his royal family was blessed with the riches of love and happiness, more valuable than gold.  He was admired, loved and trusted by all in his Kingdom. 

Almighty Centurion Genie

Sent to Angilika from the powerful art gods, he transfers his genie superpowers to Princess Angilika to ensure her immortal missions, and brings “AngiArts” on a wild ride to the 3rd millennium.

Queen Helena

A hardworking and patient person, this queen’s steadfastness, grace, and femininity exalted the grandeur of the kingdom. 


Princess Angilika’s magic pet swan---She would confide her deepest desires and reveal her wildest dreams to her magic pet swan, her sacred caretaker for truth and hope. 

Five Dancing Leprechauns

Fulfilling their destiny to protect the home of the Almighty Centurion Genie at the end of a magnificent rainbow, they help Marko escape the Lonely Witch of Darkness. 

Marko, The Marvelous Magician

Receiving the royal command, Marko goes on a long mission to retrieve the magic lantern to help the princess discover the answers to her destiny.  Marko gets “lost” for 30 years, but finally returns with the magic genie lantern. 

Phantom Prophet

Puts the Princess under a dangerous spell.  Relays the divine prophecy from the art gods for Princess Angilika’s destiny and reveals a spiritual secret describing her immortal missions.