“For millennia the powerful art gods have waited impatiently for the universe to provide

the long-awaited one--a muse for artistic inspiration.”

Once upon a time in the year 1 AD, there lived a princess of royalty who diligently sought the identity of her soul. And it came to pass one day that Princess Angilika became the chosen one. She was granted superpowers from the art gods and traveled through time warps and galaxies with her magic pet swan. They landed upon a tranquil, crystal pond — fulfilling the prophecy of the Almighty Centurion Genie. At this landing spot, the genie’s magic spell upon her swan vesture ended, and her magic pet swan was transformed back into an elegant black-necked swan…to ensure the princess ‘unending happiness.

Hence, the angel of her soul was released, and the princess discovered her true identity. From that day forward she became immortal to fulfill the divine prophecy of her destiny and the will of the art gods — to instill artistic inspiration into the hearts of all peoples of all cultures in the third millennium and beyond.

                          Follow the Monument Map

Embark on a personal quest for soulful inspiration.  The map leads directly to the legendary landing spot of “AngiArts,” who had just traveled through time warps and millennia to land in downtown Orlando with her magic pet swan. The “Fantasy Swan” Monument at Lake Eola offers viewers a quiet moment to ponder the treasures of their own dreams and to claim their artistic inspirations.

Coming Soon! — The Fantasy Swan Monument Letterbox Treasure Cache

LetterBoxers, follow the clues to hunt down the “AngiArts” letterbox treasure cache hidden somewhere at the “AA” landing spot.  Experience magical moments of artistic inspiration from the Almighty Centurion Genie during this unique, one-of-a-kind letterbox hunting adventure that features an interactive, literary theatre experience associated only with this historical monument on the roster for Orange County Public Art.  Visit www.ocfl.net/publicart for the complete public art walking tour. For more information about Letterboxing — a national pastime for art and history enthusiasts — visit www.letterboxing.org

Author, Angi Perretti, on a mission to inspire the cultural history of the City Beautiful, and as an instrumental participant to join others in promoting Orlando to a world-class arts community, Angi makes an individual cultural contribution to the community she endears by creating
this laughter-inspiring, skyscape-hopping cartoon character…“AngiArts.”